Tangles Salon, A Cutting Edge.
Erin — Owner/senior stylist/hair colorist
“Making the small part of the world in which I live more beautiful – is well…more beautiful."
I acquired my training with two of the most highly recognizable schools of beauty:  Redken Academy in Canoga Park (comprehensive cutting classes), Paul Mitchell (color techniques) and continue to educate myself with Inspiring Champions, a business seminar series which enhances our salon business model.

As co-owner of Tangles Salon, I wanted to put my thirty years of experience to work in the area from which I was born and raised. Creating not just a service, but also an outlet for my interest in all things beauty. I love the challenge of change. Because in the beauty industry, it’s ever evolving with new styles, colors and products – it’s exciting and unpredictable, and rewards with the daily elation seen in each and every one of my client’s smile.
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