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Ready for a Fade?


With funny names like high fade quiff and messy undercut, Cy knows exactly what you’re asking for when you sit in his chair. He knows how to cut a mid-fade style that works for both curly and straight hair. “It’s all in the closeness of the cut that determines the look," says Cy.


When cutting hair into fade, you need to figure out what’s happening on top. Messy, spiky, long and slicked straight back hair all determine how the style looks.


The most versatile and easy to style is the high fade on medium length hair. If you’re considering a fade style, this is a good starting point because it’s a cut that works for most people.


Worn wet or dry, there are so many styles you can do with this cut. Add a little pomade, and you can literally take this style to new heights.


Fades are not all created equal. Just know when you ask for a fade cut, there are different levels. Low fades work great with an under cut and messy hair on top, while bald fade, yes bald – works best with long wavy hair on top.


Fades are just what you imagine they will look like – low fade, medium fade or bald fade. The key to a good fade is how it works with the style and texture of hair on top!


Make an appointment, or stop by and slide into Cy’s chair to update your look, try something new and fade into something stylish.


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