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The Big Reveal


We can’t wait to share this with you! It’s the big reveal when Erin goes from brown to blonde in a blink of an eye. Well sort of.


The anticipation of watching Erin go from dark brown to platinum blonde has been long awaited. With questions like, can she do it? Will she go blonde? And do blondes really have more fun – can now be answered.



Because let’s face it, going Platinum blonde can sound awfully scary especially for those starting with a base of rich dark brown or black hair.


But never fear, because with multiple stages of color processing and precise application, Tangles Salon Color Extraordinaire Julie will always have everything under control.


“When changing it up to Platinum blonde, you have to go big or go home,” says Julie.


So, if you’re seriously considering going Platinum blonde, here’s a few pro tips from Julie you’ll want to consider:


Be Patient. Going from a dark hair color to Platinum blonde requires some heavy lifting and more than one visit to the salon.


Give it a Rest. Between color applications you’ll have to give your hair a rest and moisturize with deep conditioners. Remember, going blonde requires bleaching and that’s very drying to your hair.


Go with a Pro. The transformation from brown to blonde can be tricky. You don’t want this to be a bad experience. So, for the best result, go with a pro to color and process your hair.


Give it some TLC. Once you finally get those Platinum locks, give them some tender lovin’ care and use moisture rich shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.


Take a leap of faith and find out for yourself if blondes really do have more fun.


Give Julie a call and make that color change today!


Contact us at 530-832-0325 or send us an email to book an appointment today.


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