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Fall Season Polish Picks.


With the change of season comes the change of polish color. Put away those pinky peach shades because fall is here and it’s time to pick a polish color that’s perfect for pairing sweaters and boots.


Joni’s got the scoop on her top 10 fall polish picks, and the range of color just might surprise you!


  1. Classic red. Once a classic, always a classic.
  2. Shimmery teal. It’s teal, only better.
  3. Sheer neutral color. Any neutral shade in opaque.
  4. Forrest green. One of the trendiest colors for fall.
  5. Glittery pink. Go multi-glitter with specs of color.
  6. Turquoise blue. It’s a smoky deep blue hue.
  7. Fuchsia pink. It’s pink with a violet punch.
  8. Green-blue. Go for a Denim jean washed color.
  9. Bright white. It’s winter white worn with everything.
  10. Very berry shimmer. It’s a berry color with metallic twist.


Get all polished up for fall. Pick one of these great shades and mix it up. Call Joni for your manicure and don’t forget your toes too!


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