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Massage Therapy Swedish Style


One of the best known-types of massage in the West is the Swedish massage. This “go-to” therapeutic massage is perfect for your first time massage treatment, or if you don’t get massaged often.


“It’s the best place to start, “says Tangles Massage Therapist Marilee. A Swedish Massage relaxes the entire body, and the experience is delightful as you lay beneath a soft sheet with dimmed lights. The best part of a massage, your tensions and troubles seem to fade away with each stroke along your back, arms and shoulders.


As a massage therapist, Marilee is quick to point out the health benefits of massage too. Swedish massage has benefits that include pain relief, increased circulation and even decreased fatigue, depression and anxiety.  “Even just a half hour massage a month will make you feel better and more relaxed,” says Marilee.


The other great thing about massage is that it will boost your mood. So get happy. Because as those serotonin levels rise, so will that smile on your face.


What’s the best time for a massage? That’s up to you. It might be a morning massage to start off your day, and feel invigorated or after a long day to relief stress and tension.


Swedish massage is one of Marilee’s most requested massages, and lucky for you, she is accepting new clients. Aside from Swedish massage, Marilee offers sport, Shiatsu and deep tissue that can be scheduled from a half an hour to an hour and a half.


Start with Swedish massage, and see for yourself how it makes you feel. Marilee can help you find the perfect massage therapy that fits your needs and lifestyle. Call her today, and make your next appointment.


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