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During these icy temperatures, cold winds and snow, everyone has been asking what to do with their dry hair.  "Seems like everyone this winter is experiencing dry hair - and there’s not enough conditioner on the planet to fix the problem," says Erin.


Aside from all of the weather proofing tips and tricks that they will share, Erin’s got a pet peeve about one winter habit that you need to break – wet hair.


“Despite your mother’s warning about catching a cold by going outside with wet hair, here’s another reason why you shouldn’t do it. Cold temperatures will cause wet hair to break, so you’re actually damaging your hair every time you leave with house with a wet head,” Erin says.


So take the time to thoroughly dry those locks, and try these tips to weather-proof your hair:


  1. Don’t wash your hair every day – washing not only strips color but causes further dryness every time you blow dry and style.
  2. Avoid hot showers – as cruel as that seems in cold weather, hot water actually damages your scalp and strips the moisture from your head. Instead, try a mid-to lukewarm temp and make it quick.
  3. Lose the ponytail – cute as they are, ponytails put pressure on the scalp and cause breakage of hair, especially in cold weather.
  4. Cover up – Wear a hat because it protects your hair.
  5. Trim regularly – trim dead ends regularly and your hair will be healthier.
  6. Super condition – go above and beyond and try a hydrating mask. It’s more than conditioner and will restore the natural oil in your hair.


From the looks of it, winter is not going away anytime soon. So try some of these weather proofing tricks and share with us what works for you!


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