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The Secret Little Splash of Undertone Color


You may not notice it until the sunlight hits the top of your head. Or when the play of light from indoor to out changes color revealing pops of burgundy-plum undertone color on the roots of your hair.


Did you see it? That secret little splash of color hidden on the base of your roots! Go ahead, color the roots, why not? This season, think about adding a pop of color to your roots before you go back to the basic shade of brown, blonde or black.


Choose a complementing color that looks best when they contrast. Here’s one of Erin’s latest creations pictured above. She worked with a black all over base color, then added a pop of plum color to roots.


Plum pops perfectly with the eye color and skin tone, while enhancing the hue from the base line color. Only trouble, picking the perfect plum might be intimidating. That’s why when you play with color, it’s best to ask the experts – like Erin, Julie or Carman.


You’ll be surprised to learn there are so many shades of plum, and it varies from classic plum, dark brown plum, deep red plum, electric plum, eggplant plum, rose plum, grey plum, to even chocolate plum. Now that you’ve got an idea about color, pick a plum that complements your skin tone and eye color.


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