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Hair Color Horror


About the only time you want to be sporting a scary hair color is for a Halloween costume. However, for many who try and dye their hair from over-the-counter box dye kits, the horror of Halloween hair comes early and often.


In the hands of an unskilled professional, hair dye can have disastrous results. Frizzy, burned ends, orange roots and blotchy color are just a few of the mishaps that can happen from DIY color jobs.


“What you don’t expect is how fast color grabs roots,” says Erin a Tangles Salon Colorist Extraordinaire. When color hits the roots and comes up fast, that’s a big warning sign that your intended color is going to be much brighter than expected. But for most DIY colorists, they mix a seemingly bright hair dye thinking once it’s massaged into the scalp, the color will mellow out.


And that’s where the hair color horror begins…


First comes the shock, then blood curdling screams and sheer terror when you look into the mirror to see the monstrous hair color you’ve created. Hopeful you can get yourself out of this nightmare. You run endless gallons of water over your head only to find the hideously bright color has not gone away.  You let out another loud shriek and run for phone. Frantically dialing and waiting for what seems like an eternity until you get through to your hair stylist.  Apologetically, you explain what happened but to your horror, you find out  you’ve stripped your hair, and you’ll need to wait  a week or so to get it professionally fixed. For professional stylists, this is a classic hair color horror story that everyone knows.


Stick to your stylist for hair coloring and avoid those unwanted surprises.


Wishing you a happy Halloween from the Team at Tangles Salon!


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