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Spring is in the Hair


This spring, it’s more than just colorful flowers popping up. Hair color shades are shaking up spring with bright hues, pale pastels and reverse ombrés. Because It’s time to do something that will leave you looking fresh for spring - here’s some of the top colors at Tangles Salon.


  • Copper Penny. Great for brunettes with reddish-brown color, adding a little highlights of copper or gold turn up the shine.
  • White-blonde highlights. Pretty much any shade of blonde can be freshened up with baby blonde-white highlights throughout the hair.
  • Faded Pastel. Spring is the season for pastels that include colors like blush pink, pastel blue and soft coral.
  • Reverse Ombré. Bottoms up, the reverse ombré is all about giving you face framing color instead of color on the ends of your hair.
  • Wood. Brunettes will have a field day with this color trend as hints of pale ash, maple and pine deepen for a new twist on classic brunette.
  • Rose. It’s a color combination of cherry with a hint of pink, but far more understated than going   straight up pink.


So many colors and options for spring are in full bloom at Tangles Salon. Call today and get your new spring color!

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