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Get Your Gel On!


Polished. Put together. And pretty on the go. Three perfect reasons why gel nails are probably the best fit for busy lifestyles in the great outdoors. Applied over your own nails, gel polish is durable and doesn’t chip away like regular nail polish. “My clients who have active busy lifestyles and need a long lasting nail fix love gel nails," says Joni.


So is a gel manicure right for you?


Go through Joni’s check list, and if you like most of these reasons then consider gel manicures over acrylics, or regular polishes.


  1. Gel nails are perfect for super busy lives.
  2. Gels are a way to have pretty manicured nails without the fuss. Gel polish is chip-free and very durable.
  3. Gel nails last for weeks.
  4. With gels, visits to the nail salon are every 2 to 3 weeks instead of weekly appointments.
  5. Gel nails look natural.
  6. Gel polish glides over your natural nail just like regular polish, but smoother and glossier.
  7. Gel nails dry fast.
  8. Because gel polish uses a LED light to set the polish, they dry fast. No more smudges, or waiting forever to let polish dry.
  9. Gel polish has a high gloss finish.
  10. This polish shines and never loses its luster, so nails look great from day one.


Get your gel on, call Joni at Tangles Salon today


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