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Carmen — Advanced stylist/facial & skin care/body piercing

“I love being a stylist that combines several forms of beauty which enhances the experience to my clients, my self growth and the salon for which I love working."


I obtained my training from Prater Way College in 2000 (hair styling & cutting classes) and began working for Tangles Salon in 2001.There, I have expanded my services with not only hair styling, but with skin care treatments, waxing and piercing as well.


To expand my beauty services was important because it allows me to give clients a full range of beauty options. It fulfills a need in the local beauty market that completes the list of services Tangles can offer.


I also speak Spanish, which allows me to service another strong client base.


When you love what you do, it can hardly be called work. I found a dynamic team of people and a salon that pulls all the right elements together for a really fantastic beauty experience.


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